Played my first Weekly Gig at Mickey’s and it went rather well. I was late of course and didn’t get started until almost 11 which probably was not the best way to kick things off. But the first hour flew by and suddenly it was time to take a break and mingle with the bar. Bill the Walkin’ Doctor told me some funny Kinks stories (he requested Waterloo Sunset) and I got to hang out and be part of the patronage rather than just being the show. The second hour was harder and I started oversinging but got rescued by some great requests from the small crowd left at 1 am. Knowing that someone wants to hear something that I can deliver helps me relax while I’m bashing away on stage.

The night ended much much later as I lent my ears to a friend who was in trouble and that meshed with the whole theme of the gig. I’m doing these shows so I can improve my chops and get my voice and mood in the right place to finish my record–but I’m also attempting to tear down the barrier I create when I play live. I get too serious about what I do and that reflects on my efforts to put on a good show–and hampers my ability to connect with those who potentially might come out to see me again. Playing the Shinky Open Mic taught me that no matter how good I am at singing and stuff if I don’t at least try to connect with who’s watching me I might as well be belching with an autoharp.


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