Well Done

We’ve been watching “Medium” since it debuted earlier this year. And it’s pretty good eye candy–Patricia Arquette is curvy with smoldering blue eyes and Jake Weber is some strange hunky child of Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman–but it’s also a surprisingly well crafted show. During the credit roll for one of the first episodes I was pleased to see “Medium” was the creation of Glen Gordon Caron who also created one of my favorite shows “Moonlighting.” I didn’t watch much TV in the 80’s, but “Moonlighting” sucked me in with great writing and the great chemistry of Bruce Willis and Cybil Sheppard. It was pure escapist entertainment and that was a big deal for a very cynical 15-year-old.

“Medium” is not really like “Moonlighting” at all–instead of a cheesy private investigation firm we have a psychic mom who dreams about crimes and helps the Phoenix DA solve cases. Both shows are at their best in the scenes with the couple at the center–Maddie and David play word games and eschew an obvious sexual tension (at least for the first few seasons) while Joe and Allison Dubois are married with kids but still spark off of each other. If I close my eyes while watching these scenes on “Medium” I can hear a little bit of Maddie Hayes in Allison Dubois. Where David Addison was obnoxious and self centered, Joe Dubois is droll and sarcastic, often summing up the ridiculousness (or charm) of the moment with a quick riff and a deadpan look that always makes me smile.

We’re a bit worried about this week’s show as it’s going to be in 3-D. This is only the first season and we don’t want them to jump the shark so soon, though I did pick up two copies of TV GUIDE at the store (only 99?) just for the 3-D glasses.


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