WHY? (a rant)

Why do people–bands especially–put front pages on their websites?
I don’t care how your band logo looks or how many hours you spent learning flash to get that cool swirly stuff to happen–when I search online I want content and I don’t like jumping through hoops for it. You can put all your neato stuff on the front page but give me an index or something. I do appreciate the front pages that have a “skip intro” button but seriously folks–does it serve any purpose besides window dressing that gets skipped over anyway?

Several bands I know are set up with a page at Myspace. One of the features available is some sort of instant mp3 player that starts playing as soon as you open the page. Once again I must ask: is this really necessary? Late at night I get lulled by the awesome silence of cyberspace only to be reminded suddenly that my computer speakers are on and cranked up. I know, I know, it’s good promo and maybe if someone is on your page and is forced to hear your tunes they might be interested but if samples are available I’m gonna take the time to check it out myself.


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