School Daze

Soren has started preschool and things are looking good. I don’t think there were any Montessori schools where I grew up but the philosophy seems to fit my son’s personality to a tee. He loves to observe and has a thirst for trying new activities. He’s the youngest kid out of the five in his class–he’s 2 1/2 and the oldest is around 4–but he learns quickly and speaks in complete sentences peppered with big words. I’ve been his primary source of information and care giving for over two years and now he’s going to be gone for a few hours twice a week learning from other sources. I felt a bit sad when I dropped him off–the whole “my baby is growing up” clich? is true. He is growing up and is ready for experiences that I cannot give him. There must be some hormone tied directly to that feeling as my sadness was quickly replaced by a smile. Having a child is and continues to be a mind blowing experience.


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