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December 15, 2005

Young & Innnocent

I left Iowa in 1996 and the major casualty of my departure to a better life in Wisconsin was lots of loose ends with my friends. I had a great time growing up in Iowa but I was anxious to get out and left without alerting the media. Now that life has settled here I’ve been curious to find the folks I once knew. Thanks to the miracle of Google (and the World Wide Blogosphere) I finally dug up an old buddy named Anne Pepper. She and I were fellow English majors and Anne blogged excitedly about our contact, summing up our realtionship very hilariously: “He and I used to screw about in Ames, IA.”

Anne is whipsmart and impressed me with her shocking grasp of pop culture. Back in the day we spent a lot of time smoking and drinking and being all we could be (as early twentysomethings often are) and pretty much kicking life in the ass. Ames, Iowa is not known for its cultural significance and so when I encountered folks who loved movies and books and art and fine conversation as much as Anne and I did (and still do) I stuck with them. We’ve been catching up and its so far the most successful friend transplant I’ve had in the computer age.

I miss those days when nothing mattered and time was cheap and plentiful. I’m much happier now of course but there is something to be said for salad days that were well spent. Anne is one of those people who taught me a great deal about how to let go of my fears and try to experience life fully, even if you have to wade through a lot of bullshit.