Lake Michigan Shores

Things I did in Chicago:

–Saw my brother’s one man show Trust Funnin’ 2.
–Ate for the first time at Golden Nugget which is around the corner from my Grandma’s house. In all my years in Chicago I had been to most of the neighborhood restaurants but never the Nugget. I had chiliquilies which were excellent–and the one we went to (on Irving Park) is open 24 hours! I guess we have truck stops and Denny’s and Perkins to fill that niche around here, though a nice 24 diner in downtown would really hit the spot.
–Celebrated two family christmas’ in 2 days (whew!)
–Ran in my sister-in-law’s neighborhood (she lives in the northern section of Bucktown) and thrilled to the mix of houses and towering old three flat buildings and corner bars. Mixed use neighborhoods are my favorite aspect of of Chicago and cities in general–and Bucktown has massive variety of architecture and stuff all jammed into a pretty small space.
–Realized that cities are cool to visit and are probably fun to live in–and that Madison is really not much like Chicago –but feeling good about being where I am anyway.


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