Amazon Kills Amazon

Two packages arrived this morning from our friends out in Berkeley, CA. As soon as I saw the horned tail on the side of the boxes I knew these shipments reached us via I’ve never bought anything from Amazon but I don’t have any issue with their services. I bought my PA and many of my microphones and miscellaneous electronic gear from eBay and other vendors. I try to go local but budgets do dictate how some things are purchased.

The boxes from Amazon were pretty good sized (12 x 9 x 4 is printed in bold across the bottom) and I imagined we were receiving some books or something. Both were suspiciously light so I popped open the first one and inside was a card and a single CD! The second box also contained one card and one CD. Each box contained the latest in what I assume is eco-friendly package filler–bags inflated with air to fill out the entire space left over after the good is placed in the box.

Before I cut the boxes up to be recycled I grabbed a stack of CDs and did some measuring. While the box size is not suited for shipping compact discs or DVDs, you could pack 16 jewel cases in a 12 x 9 x 4 box and still have plenty of room for a card and simple packing foam. I recall when my brother sent me a CD via Amazon this summer the packing slip was included and I was shocked to see that it cost more to ship the item than the original purchase price (it was a rush delivery so that might have impacted things a bit).

Am I crazy to think Amazon could save some money which would go right into their pockets by doubling up on an order like the one that came today? I’m guessing they’re rolling in the dough during the holidays so there’s no need to consider the environmental impact of being so wasteful.


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