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January 10, 2006

Dia verde

I am standing on the steps of the childhood home 524 W 22nd Street with some strange folks I went to high school with. They were dreamscape high school chums, not really folks I recognize. I am telling these folks about seeing a show by Green Day who have now dropped the punk/pop posing that they’ve been famous for and are now an alt-country band. My “friends” don’t believe me but in the middle of the discussion my brother shows up and hands me a cassette of their “new” sound which I proceed to play for everyone. I am excited because Billie Joe writes a twisted couple of lyrics which I am quoting for everyone. I am already so familiar with the band’s new sound that when the cassette is played I realize the live show was a different record and this one my brother delivered is unfamiliar but also genius and genre smashing at the same time.