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January 12, 2006

History of Us

I’m obsessed with the picture site at the Wisconsin State Historical Society. I thought for a long time about going into a historical type field but I nixed that when the History of England courses I had to take for my English Major put me literally to sleep (It may have been my lifestyle or lack of hydration that also did me in). History really comes alive for me when I have plenty of visual aids–maps, pictures, renderings whatever can be unearthed helps me store it all away.

Since I’ve become a cab driver, my interest and fascination with local history has skyrocketed and the WSHS site feeds me on an almost daily level. I already referenced some pix in a previous post about Madison but since then I’ve uncovered some great stuff. Here’s a picture of the Jamaican Shop on Atwood in a much much earlier incarnation. And here is closest image to where I live: this building is now the Wash Basket Laundromat down a block from me. You can see the building that is still Birrenkot Appliance is visible but the Glass Nickel building has yet to be built. Our house was built in the first decade of the 20th century so this grocery store was probably where everyone in the neighborhood did their shopping. I’m having fun imagining stepping out the door with Soren and going to the corner store to pick up the day’s food and fresh bread…