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January 26, 2006

Sorry, we won't be doing Tommy

In February I’m (hopefully) starting up a concept that Peter Fatka and I have thrown around for a long time: Rock Opera of the Month. Out of the boredom of practicing and the easy access of the internet–and our brains breaking down the chord structures of our favorite albums–we decided once upon a time that for the local open mic we’d learn all of a specific album and then recreate it on acoustic guitars for the locals. That never materialized but rather turned into a hilarious 3 am sort of thought. Now that I’m doing a regular gig and have some feel for what that’s about it’s time to forge ahead and mix things up a bit.

We’ve started work on Forever Changes, the classic by Love and so far I’ve figured out the whole record. It’s slow going with Peter and Bob Koch, mostly because Bob is in 4 bands (not counting playing with me which is not a band but a “happening”) and has been playing his ass off of late. Learning a whole record–even one that you are very familiar with–takes a special kind of patience and devotion.

This also means that I get to entertain people without having to do any of my own material. I love playing my own stuff but I get tired of it sometimes. Does that sound weird? I’m greatful that I can write stuff and for years after I was able to create my own music that was all I did in my shows–but recently all I want to do is show people what made me want to play and what tickles me to play. Hopefully the Rock Opera of the Month will give folks a big picture of that as well.