Two Big Things

I just learned that one of my idols Mister Ray Davies is returning to the Barrymore Theater on March 13. Ray was here a few years back and put on an excellent show, mostly with acoustic guitar doing hits (You Really Got Me, Set Me Free) but also delving into the enormous Kinks catalog to play such gems as Australia and 20th Century Man and Autumn Almanac. Ray has a new record out and I believe will actually have a band this time, so I am urging all of you to get out and see the man in action. He’s about as charming a stage presence as I’ve ever seen, especially considering how many shows he’s done and how many times he’s had to play Lola.

Also of note is that WORT is now streaming audio for most of their programming! I listen to many shows and it’s especially nice when I’m in the cab. But now folks from all over the world can tune in and enjoy the plethora of programming available. I urge folks outside of Madison to at least check out Mel & Floyd who are on Friday afternoons at 1pm cst. These guys are offer some of the funniest political and news commentary this side of the Daily Show.


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