Act Nice and Gentle

To all the nice folks who offered me Ray Davies tickets tonight–your kindness is wonderful and it hurt to turn you down but I really had to stay in. Soren has a cold, Deanna just ran a triathalon after week of stomach weirdness, and I got a migraine on Friday and some bastard version of the stomach stuff as well. I worked on Saturday night then on Sunday went to a birthday party and played my Mickey’s show and my body (and brain) needed the night off. I hope everyone who went to see Ray had a blast and you can feel free to rub it in the next time you see me.

We were in Ireland on our honeymoon when Cryin’ Adams played his imfamous show at the Barrymore. We were both pretty stoked about his music and had heard great things from friends who had seen him solo acoustic at Schuba’s. We were a little disappointed that we were going to miss his show but when we got back and heard how it went, I was sort of glad I wasn’t here to see the meltdown. I know I’ve missed lots of shows but many of my musical heroes are dead or never tour and now Ray’s been in town three times and I’ve only gone to see him once. I can pretend I’m holding out for that Kinks reunion but who knows if that will ever happen!


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