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May 3, 2006


I’ve been slacking on keeping the blog up. The last two weeks were so busy: doing stuff for my record, practicing for the Forever Changes show (which went splendid and filled Mickey’s on a Sunday which rarely happens unless there’s a national holiday on Monday), recording some Matt Joyce stuff, going to work, dealing with Soren’s mystery illness (low grade virus apparently) and trying to also find time to spend with anyone who is not immediately involved in those endeavors (like Deanna). But, the blog must go on. I’m taking the week off from most things and trying to psych myself up for some recording on what would be a practice day for my and the boys.

I have a nice list of blogs that I read all the time and I should get that up here on the front page sometime soon. Folks have linked up to me and I appreciate that so over the next few days I’m gonna have the webmistress go to work and then get some actual content up here. Doing a rock opera has stirred my brain and damnit I might be putting one of my own together. Yeah yeah I don’t even have my damn other record finished and here I am already thinking to the next project or perhaps deciding to make it my current one. Anyway, more sooner rather than later!