A Loser Out of Me

I don’t usually watch television on Saturday nights as I’m out in my cab. I took a break around 10:30 this past week to restring my guitar and turned on Austin City Limits. I watched twenty minutes of some band I took to be Franz Ferdinand (as the listings said and who I wouldn’t recognize as I know nothing about what twentysomethings listen to) but instead turned out to be this band called What Made Milwaukee Famous. I’m assuming they took their name from that awesome Jerry Lee Lewis song (and took off the “‘s”). I was kind of surprised that a band with that kind of name would be anything but a honky-tonk bar band but these guys were very much the indie pop band. Their closer song had a nice catchy chorus and dueling keyboards and I was rather impressed with the band’s energy and rabid fans. The name still puzzles me, though. Couldn’t they have just called themselves “Beer?”


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