Everybody's Talkin'

The other night I was doing an image search for 70’s pop singer Harry Nilsson and found the usual assortment of his album covers, fan pictures, etc (I’m constantly on the lookout for images to use on compilations I put together or just nice things to put in My Pictures for the screen saver) and I found two new scans I’d not seen before. They were linked to this site which is for the production company of a new documentary called “Who is Harry Nilsson (And Why is Everybody’ Talkin’ About Him?)” (warning: the Flash intro has very loud music)

I’ve been a Nilsson fan for a long time and had no idea this was even coming out! The press release (along with the extended trailer on the MySpace site) say that the documentary has footage of Harry as well as interviews from folks (and Nilsson friends) like Micky Dolenz, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Al Kooper, Randy Newman, Van Dyke Parks, The Smothers Brothers and Brian Wilson. Biographic info about Nilsson is out there, but he’s one of those legendary rock figures that never had a nice book published after his death in 1994. I even considered for a while the impossible task of gathering information to do a Nilsson bio just so I could learn more about his life and times–not so much to publish, but to satisfy my curiosity. I’m guessing this film will not make it to Madison theaters and will have to be a video pleasure, but I’m really excited for a look. I’m going to petition the Madison Film Fest folks to have this in the next round. Nilsson is famous for a couple of his hit songs but, like most successful folks, there’s much more to his story.


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