Driving a cab means listening to the radio (I’m too poor for an iPod) and I’m blessed with classy programming during my Tuesday overnights. WORT offers three shows in a row that I like, starting right at 8 when I do. The Original Wilson Brothers (where’s your website, guys?) play pretty decent new stuff as well as highlighting re-issues and the like. Jimmy works at B-Side Records and Ted must have some real job but whenever Soren and I visit Dave at Mad City Music X he’s always in there (I’m not kidding, folks, just ask Dave & Dave). Seeing as I’m probably around the same age as these guys our tastes intersect–even though they do play too much Morrissey!

Jenni runs the The Leopard Print Lounge and she plays a really cool mix of ragin’ punk, old tyme country, dirty garage and all sorts of other stuff. She also plays Elvis Costello and Tom Waits which is enough to endear me to a radio host forever. Jenni does something that the Wilsons (and every other WORT dj) should do which is that she posts her playlists!. I listen faithfully but can’t always keep track of everything (especially when chatting with my fares) and much of what Jenni plays is stuff I’ve never heard of and would never be able to identify, so her lists are invaluable for me.

Dave 3000 hosts Kosmik Radiation which popped on the air last April, replacing a rather bland overnight show. His first show included “Rocket Ride” by Kiss (one of my favorites) and a song about doing washing by some band that sounded like Led Zeppelin on acid. I drove around until I found a pay phone (no easy feat in this city) and called to find out that the band was The Human Instinct (sorry no link) which were an obscure band from New Zealand. From then on Kosmik Radiation became my favorite show and not just because it helps pass the slow hours of 2-5 am. While the format is loaded with 60’s psych and 70’s heaviness–both of which I am enthusiastic about–Dave mixes in doses of prog and newer stuff, some of which I don’t care for but a lot of which I’m willing to give a shot. He did a whole show on Kraftwerk which I found really entertaining even though they’re not a band I would ever have though I would enjoy. Dave has carefully maintained his playlists on the KR website which, again, is of ultimate value. Recently he’s taken it to another level and started archiving actual shows!. I’m up on Tuesdays to hear the live broadcast but most people are not and its exciting to be able to tell my friends “Hey I heard this crazy song in my cab and not only do I know who it’s by but YOU CAN GO DOWNLOAD IT!”

We are blessed to have such good radio in Madison and I am grateful to the Tuesday Night WORT folks for making my job that much more enjoyable. With the webstream up and more djs keeping track of what they play, our little back porch radio can spread its influence out beyond the limits of an FM signal to the rest of the world.


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