This Wrinkle In Time, Can't Give it No Credit

Am I a sucker for YouTube? Absolutely. Today I found the video for Frank Black’s “Headache” which I’d not seen in at least a decade. I liked this video so much that I went out and bought Teenager of the Year, which was a bit impulsive, even for me (the record was sort of like a Pixies record only a lot weirder). “Headache” is a total pop throwaway, with the verse and bridge being more or less filler to prop up the killer chorus. Seeing Frank in action–dressed like the Maytag Man, flying through the air, cutting a giant PAIN pill with a chain saw–tickled the absurdist bone in my body. I only saw the video twice but never forgot the image of two Frank Blacks slow twisting and harmonizing. Somewhere along the way I learned that “Headache” was directed by Adam Bernstein who started in the business by helming videos for They Might Be Giants. I feel a huge debt to YouTube now. I imagine myself in a late-night informercial, surrounded by televisions: “Yes, you could spend hundreds, or even thousands of hours waiting for VH1 Classic to show your favorite obscure clip from 1983, but with YouTube you can see it now!”


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