New Band in the New Year

Yes I have a new band. We’re not really all that new–having cut our teeth on three private shows in the last year or so–but we’re new to the public performance. Our loving bass man Jimmy posted on the daily page forum about our debut performance and I’ll let his words speak for me:

Used to be you had to be getting married or know somebody who was if you wanted to hear Madison’s most eclectic cover band. Not anymore:

Thursday, January 4th, 2007
It’s the public debut of The Low Czars!
High Noon Saloon Happy Hour! (1st of two set starts ~5:30)
Cover charge: $3 (Cheap!)

Featuring members of some of Madison’s most beloved musical acts, past and present (and maybe future?):
Aaron Scholz & The Have Nots
Ass Blown Off
Boba Fetish
John Ashcroft Fan Club
Mr. Pants
New Recruits
… and more! (And that’s just five guys!)

Hear timeless tunes from artists both legendary and contemporary:
Beatles, Big Star, Elvis Costello, Bobby Fuller, GbV, Joe Jackson, Kinks, Nick Lowe, Monkees, The Move, Elvis Presley, Ramones, Rolling Stones, Swamp Dogg, Wilco, The Who … and many, many more …

Admission entitles you to half off your next wedding reception entertainment package! Don’t miss it, come dig it!

I’m excited about this one as it will be only the second band in which I’ve played electric guitar (all the others were either acoustic guitar, drums and the occasional bass gig). I’m also a bit nervous as I’ve never been in a “cover band” before. Hoedunk was sort of a cover band, though we “countryfried” most of what we covered. The Low Czars are not playing even a single original tune and that is indeed a strange idea for me. It’s also very liberating and hopefully will draw some folks out to see what the heck the five of us have been cooking up in the basement for the last few months. My goal is to get some sort of regular monthly thing somewhere and go to town. We’ll whip out the Love show again and we have a couple of other record tribute type shows up our sleeve that, if we get residency somewhere, will get a workout. And you other cover bands in town? We want to split bills with you, damnit. I’ll be calling ya.


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