The Beat Goes On

We Low Czars now have a clip on YouTube. That’s the five of us (you can’t see Larry as he’s way back on the drums) rocking out the Big Star classic “Don’t Lie to Me.”

We were a bit shocked to see this clip, though I do recall seeing someone over in the corner with a camera at one point during the show. A Google search brought me to a local music blog called You Be the Mouse which also features some pictures of our Crystal performance (you might have to scroll down or click the “january” link to find us). We look a little goofy all packed onto that little stage but that’s the price for having a three-guitar band. From looking at the pictures (and the video) I realize that I’ve mostly broken myself of one of my old habits on stage: watching my hands when I play. I used to be too embarrassed on stage to look up–partly because I couldn’t play that well but mostly because there were people watching me. I looked down at the guitar as an excuse to not make any eye contact.

During my tenure last year at Mickey’s I decided it was time to end the shoegazing. I would start my show by staring out the front window at Hans’ Sewing Center. Hans’ has a security light that flicks on and off variously in the evening and if I ever felt self conscious while I played, I’d focus on the flashing light, gradually moving my eyes to the audience. I played just fine without looking at my hands and people seemed to respond positively so I kept going. I’m not a natural performer and watching myself on youtube is a bit bizarre but I feel good knowing that, after all this time on stage, I’m finally warming up to actually being there.


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