My 15 minutes

My brother Steve sent me this link to a review of my first album. Here’s the first sentence:

“Aaron Scholz is a fairly decent Aaron Scholz. I do not know why everybody hates it so much. They basically portrayed the songs in their true nature.

Here’s the rest of this awesome review.. I created an profile years ago but never kept up with it after the original incarnation was bought out. I had nothing to do with the appearance of this current listing, which has my AMG profile along with the cover image and listings for Perfect Child. After reading the review, I Googled the title “Counting Sheep Like Bodies to the Rhythm of the War Drums” and came up with a listing for the band A Perfect Circle. Among the famous folks in their lineup are James Iha from the Smashy Pumpkins and Maynard Whatsisface from Tool, and this review with my name all over it is really for the band’s cover album Emotive. How I got involved in all of this (besides Perfect Child being sort of like A Perfect Circle, though not really) I’m not so sure. Those anonymous words not really about me made me do a little internet soul searching. While I admit I do like to space off on occasion, I really feel I do more than just a “fairly decent” Aaron Scholz. I would even say that I do a damn good Aaron Scholz from time to time. And that all of us who do Aaron Scholz do not really hate it but rather feel that its really more of a way of life. This review made my day and also provided me with an awesome name for my covers record: Hater!


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