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May 8, 2007

American Idle

I was surprised when I learned about the show called “America’s Got Talent.” Their new season is starting up and while I’m all for junk culture, I’m still smarting from hearing and reading the show’s horribly ungrammatic title. Lets take a look at “America’s Got Talent”–I presume in this case that the apostrophe is representing “has” (or, since the “s” is there, is it representing “ha” and Simon Cowell is laughing at us?) but then the title is “America Has Got Talent” which sounds really really stupid. (Or maybe the apostrophe is a possessive and this show is about how America has this talent for, um, “gotting?”) Everyone can understand what the title is really conveying so my point is kind of moot, but when did the language–and not just regionally but on a major network show–turn into such a big bowl of mush? My suggestion for a change is to make it a show about the obesity epidemic in this country and change the name to “America’s Gut Talent” which I would definitely watch with grammatic pride intact.