Love Czars, pt I

We made it through our LOVE show tonight. I knew I was going to be in shock when it was over (and I was) but we had a very enthusiastic crowd and played everything surprisingly well. I don’t recall practicing as hard for any show ever before and it was well worth the hard work. Much like our performance at Mickey’s last year, we had total strangers come up to us and tell us how much Forever Changes changed their life and how impressed they were that someone would actually cover such an obscure record. One guy was lamenting to me about how AM radio would never play anything like LOVE because they were too far out of the mainstream. Thanks to everyone who came out and supported our little excursion. Besides the whole of Forever Changes, we did another 9 songs by LOVE and I got to play bass and let Bob do some singing. Our old pal Chris jumped up and sang “Signed DC” and “Seven & Seven Is” and blew everyone away. If we do this again (we’re thinking maybe in December on the actual 40th anniversary) Chris will be back to sing more so both Bob and I can hang back and rock.


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