Walken After Midnight

The Low Czars are preparing for another wedding coming up in September. We were provided with a list of stuff the bride and groom would like to hear and I believe we have the whole thing covered. Some of the songs are very simple (“California Stars” by Wilco is a three chorder) while others sound simple but run on strange rhythms (“In Dreams” by Roy Orbison). Last year we did “Stand By Your Man” and had the hardest time with that one, as it’s got two verses followed by a barrage of choruses and then BANG it’s over. I’m also digging out the keys for this wedding. I played my Wurlitzer electric piano and a very cheesy loaner keyboard at a couple of shows last year and was frustrated by my lack of experience as a player. I also had issues with volume (which was my error) and being able to sing and play the piano at the same time. The Wurly is a champ and fun to play but the cheesy keyboard doesn’t really double as a piano very well. And this year we’re doing “This Will Be Our Year” by the Zombies which, while possible on a guitar, really works best on a piano. So, I solicited my brother to bring up his very nice Yamaha digital piano. It’s a full 88 keys which is an embarrassment of riches as I tend to play mostly near the middle. The action is very accurate, the piano sounds are very nice and the extra organ/electric piano/synth/string sounds are a bit cheesy but of high enough quality that I’ll be able to fake my way on a couple of organ parts. I’m letting Bob sing lead on everything I play on the piano and have gotten pretty good at back-up singing while sitting at the keyboard. Playing on a “fake” instrument is a good lesson for me. I love playing my “real” piano and my “real” Hammond organ but know I can’t drag either of them to a show and the days of having either available to play at any given venue are long gone.


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