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September 19, 2007

Sweet Jesus, that's smooth!

I guess I’m pretty late to the phenomenon of Yacht Rock. For those of you who haven’t felt it’s healing powers, Yacht Rock is a fictionalization of the music scene in Los Angeles in the late 70’s and early 80’s, centering around the studio of one Koko Goldstein. Included in the cast of characters is Kenny Loggins, Michael Mc Donald, Steely Dan, Hall & Oates among others. Having lived through the radio of that era, I was truly stunned by the sheer genius of this show. The show description here sums this phenomemon better than I ever could. If you’re even half the music nerd that I am, scroll down from that summary and start downloading these episodes. Now. I’ve watched them all a dozen or so times and still can’t stop laughing.

September 1, 2007

Hot Town

On Friday we watched Summer of Sam on WGN. Spike Lee’s films are usually powerful and at the very least enjoyable and after watching the edited for television + commercials version I almost want to go rent it to see what I missed. Neither Deanna or I really knew all that much about the Son of Sam killer but the one detail that I recalled was that he claimed that his neighbor’s dog was possessed by a demon and ordered him to kill. Sure enough, in the middle of the movie, The Killer gets a visit in his apartment by a black dog (who we see earlier barking at him) who tells him to go out and murder some more folks. During the next commercial break was this ad for Bush’s Baked Beans which also features a talking canine. I’m guessing WGN programmers did not for see the hilarity of this juxtaposition.