I’ve been hard at work (still) on the recording. James loaned me a nice bass and a strange microphone which works great for bass drum and such. I’ve got a lot of guitar tracks down but have examined many of them and found things to be a bit out of whack. And so I plunge on with re-re-re-recordings of songs which I haven’t played for really anyone and wonder when I’ll be done.

There are days when I feel like things will really come together and I’ll get this thing out and play some shows and get the ball rolling again. Other days I feel like I should just wrap things up quickly, burn some Cds for the folks who have been bugging me about it for so long (you know who you are) and concentrate on other things. Such is the life of a musician. Plus the Low Czars have a double feature this coming Friday: a wedding at Olin Park and then “headlining” a show (more like closing a show, actually) at the High Noon. We’ve cranked up the wedding tune machine and have it working well right now but don’t know exactly what we’re going to play at the end of the night. Perhaps the wedding show redux? Come on down to find out…


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