Now She's Hit the Big Time

I’m going to be on WORT next week. The show is Kosmik Radiation which is run by my friend Dave 3000. Long ago I hyped his program as it keeps me company on my Tuesday overnight cab shift. Over the past couple of years we’ve discussed show topics as Dave does a themed show of some sort on his first broadcast of every month. Being a Beatlemaniac (and knowing Dave’s affinity for them) I suggested a Beatles Orbit show and so that’s what we’re doing.

So, if you are up at 2 am on Wednesday morning August 6, tune in and hear us play all sorts of songs that have a Beatle connection. Some are obvious–the many many covers out there–and some are not so obvious–like the one where Paul is crunching carrots. Yep, we’re gonna play that one.

Of course, 99.9% of you will not be up at those hours to hear what we are up to. Fortunately, WORT is now totally digital and archives each show for at least 2 weeks on their site. Click through and you’ll find what you’re looking for. Dave also posts a copy of each show on his site that you can download and put on your mp3 player or computer. We have some fun surprises in store for you vigilant listeners. The hardest thing was to narrow down the hours and hours of stuff we have to a 3 hour slot. Who knows, if this one goes well perhaps there will be more Beatle madness down the road.


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