Duit on Monday

I’m playing another show, this one totally solo, on Monday September 22. Along for the ride is Kyle Motor of The Motorz and Wendy Schneider who was the force behind Bugatti Type 35 and is now using the moniker Shooter Jane.

The real reason for the show is the last harrah for Nate “Waylan” Palan who is/has left Madison with his girl for the richer musical pastures of Brooklyn, NY. Nate has a mountain of shows this week, including a Tuesday at The Crystal Corner with the Hometown Sweethearts and a double bill on Thursday with his old band Electric Automatic and a cd release for his other band The God Damns. WHEW! Those other shows will be good but are starting late at night. If you gotta get up in the morning and work, our show at the High Noon starts at 8pm. Better get there early as you know how those singer/songwriter shows are mob scenes. It’s often hard to hear myself over the screaming crowd, dontcha know…


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