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We finally got the blog moved to a new server and got a new design on the site. In the meantime I started writing for and joined twitter to further my exploration into cyberspace. The examiner pieces are specifically about the local music scene and I’m trying to cover a nice mix of bands, venues and general observations about what’s happening musically in Madison.

I know there are many places to check listings and get information about bands and venues but I often feel like there’s no sense of history for our scene. I wrote a bit about O’Cayz and went to do something about Club Du Wash and found very little information anywhere about the place. So I’m hoping to pick some local brains about venues and history and publish more stuff that documents what happened and how we got to where we are now. And now that the blog is back (and Word Pressy) I’ll be tugging on the collective ear as much as I can.


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