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February 19, 2007

Afternoon Nap

It’s a hot spring day and I’m at a show, only the crowd is on the stage looking down into where the audience is supposed to be. The place looks sort of like my junior high auditorium, only the floor is flat all the way to the back and there are no seats. The band playing on the floor right in front of the stage is the Junkers, only it’s the 9-year-old Junkers. Little Kenneth is dressed in a full-on dark black cowboy outfit but is singing like 35-year-old Kenneth. Little Matthew is wearing overalls and is standing and playing the pedal steel and I’m thinking to myself, wow, that little kid is rocking the steel! The crowd is loving it and hooting and hollering as these kids kick some country ass. Then the show ends and the kids bow and then I woke up.

May 8, 2006

All I ever wanted

Once a month I have the vacation dream, where time stands still (or seems to stand still) and a week goes by in my dream but actually its only been a day or two. Anyone else have this phenomenon? Years ago when I’d stay with my grandparents this happened all the time–a week turned into a month and vacation became a slow narcotic rush. My dreams aren’t really about being on vacation per se but about the sensation of time dragging on in the best possible manner.

January 10, 2006

Dia verde

I am standing on the steps of the childhood home 524 W 22nd Street with some strange folks I went to high school with. They were dreamscape high school chums, not really folks I recognize. I am telling these folks about seeing a show by Green Day who have now dropped the punk/pop posing that they’ve been famous for and are now an alt-country band. My “friends” don’t believe me but in the middle of the discussion my brother shows up and hands me a cassette of their “new” sound which I proceed to play for everyone. I am excited because Billie Joe writes a twisted couple of lyrics which I am quoting for everyone. I am already so familiar with the band’s new sound that when the cassette is played I realize the live show was a different record and this one my brother delivered is unfamiliar but also genius and genre smashing at the same time.