This page has samples of each song from Come Back Down.

comeBackDown Come Back Down
Released January 2002

  1. Old Road
  2. Cry Boy
  3. Secret Identity
  4. Bar Time Love
  5. Too High
  6. King and Queen
  7. Cry A Little
  8. Learn To Crawl
  9. Party Time
  10. Starlite
  11. Caught Up
perfectchild Perfect Child
Released March, 1999 on the Speakeasy Label

  1. Zero Street
  2. Advice
  3. Sunset
  4. Lovedom
  5. Stay Tuned
  6. Aching Love
  7. Slipped Right Down
  8. Love My Way
  9. Trick Hat
  10. The West
  11. Tonight

COME BACK DOWN is available on line at
PERFECT CHILD is available by mail order only; Send your check or money order for $10 to
Aaron Scholz 150 S. Marquette St. Madison, WI 53704


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